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We can actively monitor all applications with the data from Trademark Offices of the U.S., Canada & China, then notify you of potentially infringing applications and misuses

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Why monitor your trademark?

Trademark owners are responsible for enforcing their trademark rights, including monitoring if anyone else is misusing similar marks. Monitoring your trademark allows you to dispute the registration of another mark and helps you

  • Stay vigilant so that your mark does not get diluted and become a generic word because so many people start to use it in the similar business.
  • Know when it is time to take action to protect your mark from infringement.
  • Help prevent knock-offs and impersonators
What do I get with the Trademark Monitoring Service?

Here are some of the benefits

  • Peace of mind knowing we are keeping an eye on things for you.
  • Systematic monitoring of all USPTO filings custom-tailored to look out for marks that may be of interest to you.
  • A personalized monthly report of all USPTO filings that may be confusing with your brand name.
  • Identification of new applications that may sound alike or may be misspellings of your mark.

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Trademark Monitoring

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Get continued protection through our action, comperehensive, and customized montitoring service

  • Systematic monitoring of similar marks
  • Monthly reports custom-tailored for you
  • Identification of potential conflicts filed in new applications

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Doing a great job
Doing a great job. We are creating new products and will continue to use LegalHoop to handle our trademarks.
Nestor Segura
Great work
The agent was knowledgeable and very helpful. Furthermore, the price was good.
Patrick O
LegalHoop helped me file my response to ...
LegalHoop helped me file my response to an “Office Action” to the USPTO. They were timely, efficient, and professional. I would most definitely use them again and I will certainly refer them to potential users in both my personal and professional circles!
Rev. Darrell L. Armstrong
Super fast service
Super fast service. Convenient and easy to submit and get great results, thanks.
They provided direct hit trademark ...
They provided direct hit trademark search for my new mark for free so I can avoid some likelihood of confusion LOL Kinda cool
Alice Miller
Very responsive
Very responsive. Understood the issues, presented options, and professionally went about resolving my issues. Great value and helpful.
James Martin
Legal Hoop responded within minutes of my request. They refiled my trademark the next day and I heard back from USTPO within 24 hours. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who is needing trademark or business licensing.
Organic Cellar
Great Company
The rep was very responsive. Always kept me in the loop. Also the price was reasonable. They gave me hope when other companies wanted to charge outrageous prices as they told me to give up on sending in a trademark dispute.
Jamaal W

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